Radio Dispatch

Example CSSI

The P25 Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) is a critically important open-standards interface that links the dispatch console solution of vendors that support the standard to the OMACS network.

The CSSI is another wireline interface included in the P25 suite of standards, which provides a standardized IP connection between the RFSS and console equipment. Prior to the development of the Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) standard for P25 conventional systems, public safety communications centers had limited choices for console system solutions. Each vendor had its own proprietary solution for connecting console equipment to the RFSS. Prior to P25’s move toward digital IP connectivity, console systems had typically linked to the RFSS via analog signaling. The creation of the CSSI standard brought the same level of standardized IP connectivity to the P25 trunked RFSS environment. This provides for improved interoperability between multiple dispatch console vendors and system infrastructure manufacturers, which enables interested agencies to consider third-party P25 console options and allows implementing agencies to have additional console equipment choices during the acquisition process.