Each public safety agency has varying communications needs. OMACS members will be glad to assist you in working through these needs. Some elements to consider when planning for your agency’s radio communications are:

  • Determine your agency’s requirements
  • Timeline – When is the communications upgrade required? Could public safety agencies in your jurisdiction transition to OMACS in phases, or would your jurisdiction prefer to join at once?
  • Budget – What is the feasible cost and savings of the communications upgrade? Will your agency be able to secure the necessary funds to join OMACS? Does your agency qualify for any alternative funding sources (grants, sales taxes, etc.)
  • Coverage – What degree of radio coverage does your existing radio system provide? Does your agency require that a specific type of radio coverage is enhanced (street level, in-building, etc.)?
  • Equipment – OMACS-compatible radio equipment is currently manufactured by vendors that offer several different models that range from basic to feature-rich. What type and quantity of equipment does your agency require?
  • Coverage Testing – OMACS offers coverage testing to determine how well the system performs in your jurisdiction. Coverage testing is free of charge and only requires that your agency provide a small group of personnel to participate. Testing is conducted to reflect objective and accurate results and is the perfect opportunity to educate participants on the features of OMACS.
  • Sign the OMACS Memorandum of Understanding
  • Contact your vendor of choice – The equipment vendor will assist your agency in assessing radio equipment and service needs.
  • Work with your vendor to establish a proposal – Feel free to use the OMACS members as a resource during this process to ensure that all questions are answered and that your agency’s ultimate communications needs are met.
  • Order your radio equipment – The radio manufacturer usually takes approximately six weeks to process equipment orders.
  • Schedule template programming meeting – OMACS radio programming is customized to fit your agency’s needs. Before the radios are programmed by authorized personnel, OMACS System Owners will meet with you to discuss your programming options including talkgroup quantity and design to ensure that your agency takes full advantage of the system’s benefits.
  • Schedule User Training – Training classes are scheduled at the convenience of the agency and are held at the location of choice.