OMACS provides local, countywide, statewide and tribal interoperability without the implementation of cumbersome patches. Any member of OMACS can speak with another member with the simple touch of a button, a measure that is already proven as a life saving, safety-enhancing tool for the citizens and public safety officials of Oklahoma.

OMACS recommends all PUBLIC SAFETY radios in Oklahoma have the following Mutual Aid Talkgroups and Interoperability Zones:

  • Zone 61 (SMAC) OMACS State Mutual Aid Talkgroups
  • Zone 62 (RMAC) OMACS Regional Mutual Aid Talkgroups
  • Zone 75 (7TAC50)*
  • Zone 76 (7TAC60)*
  • Zone 77 (7TAC70)*
  • Zone 78 (7TAC80)*
  • Zone 79 (7AIRGROUND)*
  • Zone 81 (8TAC)*

*Non‑System Interoperability Zone

All of these interoperability zones should be added to your current template. To be clear, this means EVERY capable (P25 AMBE+2) radio and not just an “interoperability” radio.