Smartphone App

The Tait Smartphone app connects users who do not normally carry a radio to the mission critical network. This connection can happen from anywhere in the world.

Many back-office administrative users or off-duty officers aren’t always on the front line and therefore they don’t have radios all the time. This means they can’t always hear what’s happening on the street, or communicate with dispatch and groups of users when necessary.

Tait now offers a solution in the form of a smartphone application that offers instant group and individual communication, connecting users into the radio system and dispatch. Tait UnifyVoice operates on Android and iOS devices with communication over Cellular (3G or 4G LTE) or WiFi networks.
Once a user opens the UnifyVoice PTT application and selects the individual or group they want to communicate with, they simply press the PTT button to connect.

This connection can happen from anywhere in the world, as long as the users have internet. In other words, you could be traveling on the other side of the world, push the PTT button, and instantly be connected to your local mission-critical LMR network.

This application is not limited to administrative officers who are not on the front line. This capability could be given to anyone from additional security at major events, forensic officers who provide expertise, ambulance staff, or utility workers to name a few.

With the app, managers can create and control groups and also set the privacy settings, so whoever’s in that instant group can only hear what people in that group are saying, and managers can also control who has access to the app.

The application provides secure 256-bit AES Encryption, text messaging, real-time mapping of user location and the ability to transfer images to groups of users.

The UnifyVoice app is available today and is just one part of our UnifyVoice solution.