UnifyVoice: Instantaneous information for anyone, anywhere, anytime

It provides, in its simplest form, Push-to-Talk (PTT) capability for anyone, at anytime, anywhere. It does this by providing seamless instant communication or PTT capability over any available communications network, including LMR, cellular and WiFi. It provides a choice of end-user devices that are familiar and are aligned to the user’s job function.

Benefits of Tait UnifyVoice

Increased Coverage

We unify the narrowband private radio with public or private broadband networks to increase coverage, improving the ability to communicate when beyond the edges of coverage or when in coverage black-spots, such as in-buildings, car-parks, or tunnels.

Typically, radio coverage exceeds 96% of a geographic region. While broadband might cover 96% of the population, it might only cover 60% of a geographic region. As you can see, unifying their networks improves coverage and capacity:



UnifyVoice includes the ability to add extra capacity to your system as your organization grows, as work-groups are expanded, or as agencies communication systems are consolidated. It will automatically balances the load across network types.

Force Multiplier

Give your administrative staff the ability to listen and talk straight into emergency communications without a radio. They can maintain incident awareness wherever they are located. Enable covert/undercover users to stay discrete when talking to the critical communications network.

Easy to Use

Front-line users have one single user-interface that they are already familiar with. Communication requires a single button push, and the system automatically determines which device and which network to communicate over. This ensures the message gets through.